Social Quarantine 19 “SQ19”…What Is It? My Take On How To See A Human Close Up – Learn More!

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“COVID 19 Social Distancing” after 14 Day Q19 “Social Q19” 

Good morning my dear friends! This was last night…finally a human near me…yeah…!

This is my friend E, we have been friends for many years and in the last two years we have spent a lot of time together. She lived with me during the first part of an insane divorce. She helped me through mine. She works in my medical practices. She’s brilliant attorney but most of all a most trusted dear friend that I see often, normally. The last time I saw E was on March 20th when she picked me up from the airport upon my return from Hawaii, and yes we hugged that day…my last human contact after this was a few days later in NY and since then, yesterday marked 14 days in the safe zone of no infection from that encounter! Likewise E and I have been in constant contact talking about how and what we are deciding to do as we decide to see each other and be close “Social Q19” …but first the story about last night.

E and I had been planning this dinner now for more than a week, I counted the days as I had an increasingly hard time with not having human contact, I posted about it. And finally, here is the day. I planned a dinner that included grilled skirt steak, E and I would go to a local steak house once a week and meet for dinner, I am no steak house…lol, but, yesterday’s steak was PERFECT, if I must say so myself, and a medley of veggies, that I also grill in aluminum foil and an avocado salsa, made that up the other day, was so good had to do it again! I have like a ton of hot dried peppers, and they need to be used…lol…ok…so

E arrives and I have the garage door open, she comes in and she’s so happy to see me and with outstretched arms she wants to give me these beautiful flowers and I’m like….ahhh…stooooop…you just went to the store…and then oh…thank you so much…now let’s see how we can get these safely into a vase….I am smiling and I am not really experiencing anxiety but maybe just a little….these beautiful f*cking flowers pastedGraphic_1.pngcould f*ucking kill me lol…not funny really…but I talk like this to myself with humor because, people, if I don’t I am going to lose my sh*t! Well we moved the entire operation of “Sanitizing Flowers pastedGraphic_1.png& Human” into the mud room …yeah..this is now a thing…I had a half a brain to hose her down….lol…did no such thing.

We had a wonderful time together and caught up on so many things, although we are in touch daily, but nothing beats human contact. We talked about what the next few months will look like for us as we want to interact. So we have decided to practice what I have termed “Social Q19”!

What is “Social Q19” (SQ19)

“In simple principal terms it is people deciding to socialize one on one with one another that they know closely and that have practiced full Social Distancing for at least 14 days”

While it has been shown that the only way to be certain not to spread the virus is by social distancing, this is extremely difficult for people that are completely alone without family etc. Both E and I are in that situation, E’s entire family is on the west coast, and mine, with the exception of my son, who is 75 miles away, is elsewhere as well. E and I discussed how we would get together and the first was that we both limit the people we are in close contact with, for me that would only be one special friend…and you know who you are…and E herself. E has a similar situation. We have both been in “Q19” meaning Social Distancing as known and now we are moving into “Social Q19” (“SQ19” this is where each person has practiced 14Q before getting together) where we have agreed not to add people outside of whom we currently see. We may decide, over time, to add to our circle, most likely in line with Gov regulations in mind, but each add would have to follow the same 14 Q. For now, however, neither of us are interested in adding other people! 

****in full disclosure, I am NOT advocating anyone NOT practice social distancing as known, if you decide to do what I am sharing, it is at your OWN risk****

As of yesterday, E and I are practicing SQ19 meaning we will only see each other and one other person each, again all follow same Q14 protocol…in nutshell that means for me two known people most likely until SD is relaxed. We are planning our next outing together and I plan on recording it, because we will be in full SD garb getting flowers for our decks this week – we will share our SQ19 adventures with you… least some…so check it out!

And today again, I’m COVID 19 Symptom Free – please share your status if you like…and share your thought about SQ19. 

With that enjoy your day, please stay safe and healthy.

#MiHUMANTRiBE #SQ19 #socialquarantine #stayclearforfourteendays #loveyourfriends #dontgoitalone #selectinnercirclewisley 

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