barry carl

Barry Carl brings a wealth of diverse knowledge and experience to his practice. Trained and certified as a somatic practitioner in the Reichian discipline of Core Energetics, he is deeply committed to the concept that ‘the truth is in the body.’ Guided by this concept, he supports and guides his clients to release trauma and unblock the free flow of life energy in their bodies, to expand their capacity for pleasure, to ground in their erotic selves, and to release long-held shame and negative self-images that constrict their ability to expand into the full expression that is their birthright.

His passion for somatic-based healing began in his late teens, when his body was severely damaged by surgery and his personal journey toward healing and wholeness began. His exploration led him into a 40-year odyssey that included learning various therapeutic massage modalities, energy work, a lengthy apprenticeship to an Abenaki Lakota shaman and initiation into the mysteries and closely guarded secrets of Native American healing techniques, trauma work, Core Energetics, and the intimate connection between the flow of life energy in the body, sexuality, eroticism, creativity, health, and spirituality. He has taught Core Energetics all over the world and is also a certified couples counselor, 4th degree Reiki practitioner, Certified Somatic Sex Educator and Certified Sexological Bodyworker.

Barry has also had a long and successful career in music, and uses music and his musical gifts as an integrated part of his somatic work. A Juilliard-trained instrumentalist and singer, he uses his voice and music that he has composed to support deep emotional and erotic process in his clients. He also runs workshops designed to empower the voice through somatic experience, group practice, a basic and practical understanding of polyvagal theory and the voice as a primary means of communication, and an awareness of this magnificently flexible and complex instrument as “the barometer of the soul.”

Barry no longer maintains a personal web site. You can contact him via email, text, or phone. Please email him at or call 917 863 1950 to speak with him directly.

He lives and works in the New York area. His psychotherapy practice is based in Nyack, NY and his SSE practice is based nearby in New City, NY.