our mission

Here is where we all come together, where we can truly start over again, find our true purpose, walk our authentic paths in this life and support each other’s healing process.

At MiHUMANTRiBE, the common roots of our traumas unite us in determination and solidarity to break free of the past and look toward a future in which Love and Kindness abound; a judgment-free zone where all can come together to Heal each other and ourselves, and to engage in Active Trauma Resolution, no matter when, where or how it originated in our lives.

We are a platform, a foundation, and an open door to support all and to provide solutions that address deep seated trauma via an unconventional yet proven and effective path! There are ways to find your individual path to repairing the damage. Together, we chart that course.

Our mission is to HELP YOU HEAL! Our goal is to share with you the journey of learning to listen to the innate wisdom of your body and to access its healing power via the Playful, Powerful Modality of Sexological Bodywork. This is the place where we will share the nuts and bolts of starting over, finding our true purpose, and living our authentic life – a life in which past traumas are indeed in the past, and no longer hold our happiness and fulfillment as hostages!