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Here is where we all come together, where we can truly start again, find our purpose and walk an authentic path of life. Gather and heal in love.

MiHUMANTRiBE was founded by Gabriele Whyard, an entrepreneur and businesswoman in long term recovery.  While Gabriele became very successful with her businesses, she found that her personal and emotional growth had stagnated, eventually affecting many aspects of her life in undesirable ways.  When yet another relationship failed, she decided to take an unconventional path to seek out a connection that might shed some light on her existence. To her great surprise and delight, this led her to the discovery of Somatic Sex Education and Sexological Bodywork, which, in the short span of one year, helped her to resolve the deep-seated trauma of childhood sexual abuse.  

This is a relaunch of MiHUMANTRiBE, which was initially launched to support persons in recovery to help them heal from trauma, specifically childhood sexual trauma, and to get help, support, and guidance around practical yet challenging life issues. This focus remains central to her mission, but the approach has shifted and is not limited exclusively to persons in recovery. It is now open to all who seek to grow past their wounding and flourish.  

The Company is geared to provide a plethora of information on Somatic Sex Education and Sexological Bodywork. This includes information on how to become educated yourself, connect with practitioners, links to groups and persons trained and certified in that modality to gently and safely guide you to your trauma resolution.   

While a commercial enterprise, the company is focused on philanthropy and part of its proceeds from commercial sales will be donated to not-for-profit organizations that operate and provide solutions for those in need and compliment the mission of MiHUMANTRiBE.  

Some of the initiatives supported are to provide dental care, dentures and implants for those in need, housing for abused women that includes their children and their pets, organize fun rallies and events that raise funds and provide education and resources, and work with industry to provide vocational job training to name just a few. 

MiHUMANTRiBE is, as the name suggests, an organic group of individuals with a common vision and mutual goals, and our site is continually evolving as more needs are identified and then brought to our followers and those we seek to serve. 

MiHUMANTRiBE is an inclusive, diverse place where ALL can “gather and heal in love”!  Please feel free to reach out to us, ask questions and get involved via our social media platforms…We’d love to have you Join our TRiBE! 

gabriele whyard – founder

Gabriele Whyard has a wealth of knowledge in the field of trauma related issues in large part because of her personal story of struggling with trauma-activated addiction to alcohol in her early years.  She got sober at age 39 and was able to successfully turn her life around.  Today she is an entrepreneur who owns and operates multiple successful business enterprises.  For the past 10 years she has been launching, managing, and operating Medication Assisted Treatment Facilities in Northern Virginia and the Shenandoah Valley that treat approximately 550 patients per month primarily for Opioid Dependence.  

During this past decade, she has dedicated herself to the study of mental health and the connections between trauma-induced substance abuse, depression, PTSD and their effects on the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. She has focused on topics such as early childhood trauma, sexual abuse, mental and physical abuse, and the overall effects of genetic and behavioral predispositions on addictive behavior.  Many of the factors mentioned here are part of her personal story as well.

In her ongoing journey of self-expansion, healing and growth she came across the practice of Somatic Sex Education, also known as Sexological Bodywork.  Upon having had her own dramatic and life-altering experiences with the practice and the impressive personal healing that occurred in only a short 12 months, Gabriele  decided to obtain her own certifications in Somatic Sex Education and Sexological Bodywork for the purpose of building and implementing the MiHUMANTRiBE educational, social and professional interaction platform. She believes that since this practice has helped her to find a bigger, more resilient and happier self, it can help many others as well. Building a safe space for others to gather and heal themselves and each other in this way has become her mission.  

Throughout a busy professional career which spans many industries, she has become a skilled leader and facilitator, and simultaneously mastered business management, sales, program and project management skills.  She has the gift of being able to look at a situation, assess it, and devise practical, effective solutions to resolve issues both human and mechanical.  She is now employing these well developed and seasoned skill sets and is dedicated to using them in service of the goals and missions of MiHUMANTRiBE. 

MiHUMANTRiBE is geared to provide a plethora of information on Somatic Sex Education and Sexological Bodywork, it’s natural, inherent healing properties for improving mental and physical health as well as a list of educational materials and provider resources links.  

While being a commercial enterprise, the company is focused on philanthropy. Part of its proceeds from commercial sales will be donated to not for profit organizations that operate and provide solutions for those in need and compliment the mission of MiHUMANTRiBE.  

Gabriele is an open book and will share and give freely of her knowledge and experience to anyone in need…MiHUMANTRiBE is a place where all can “gather and heal in love.” It is her fondest hope that you will reach out to her, ask questions and get involved via her social media platforms!