Death of Despair

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Automotive plant closures may be linked with a rise in opioid overdose deaths, new study says


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  • Death of Despair,
    I have Seen this same old article over and over, Everytime a Industry leaves Town or closes its doors. The community That the industry Created no longer has that industry to support it. The people Trapped in their mortgages and families are grounded in the community and they Stay finding jobs making less money, Some move to where the work is and rent their homes to those who would stay. I want to stop right here and say that was the best move but its not for everyone, We forget that we or generations ago our gand parents moved to the area because the industry that closed opened its doors creating opportunity for them to make a living and support their families. When the industrie closed and the money that supported the community was gone poverty rears its ugly head and if there are no jobs. opportunities selling Drugs is a way to put that food on the table . Now this creates a vicious circle, Drug sales start to sore than those who sell spend money in the hood , Those whom use the drugs turn to crime to pay for them . Now the city starts making money off the people in the system through fines court cost and lawyers and judges make Bank. The once thriving community that everyone once came from miles away to raise their kids in is no more ! slowly people stop painting their homes and slowly they stop taking care of the grass and stop picking up the trash. The neighborhood is now deteriorating slowly at first, The Kids that were last to graduate from the high school when the plant closed were the last of what you call innocent and good. the kids who come next are corrupted now they are getting high and you start to hear of suicide s and bad things happening around town to young people you never thought you would hear, everyone would say not me ill never do that when they hear the bad. Soon those kids get worse crime get worse and that town that the industry built loses its charm, the town where everyone knew everyone and they all showed up at the high school football games and the 4th of july parade where the kids decorated their bikes and put cards in their spokes so you could hear the clicking sound as they approached you while you stood watching proudly as they go by fades away and is no more. Now what stands there are kids selling drugs on that same corner you watch the parade from, Gunshots in the night become the norm and you become Trapped there all alone not so proud not ever saying the words not me ill never do that because you did.., You try to hide it but everyone knows because they all are in line with you at the dealer’s house because now there is hardly no one showing up for school now and there are no more high school football games because the town can’t afford a sports program.. The homes now have boards on the windows and spray paint is everywhere.. There are no jobs. So you live either at your moms house, in the basement or with friends, you grew up with, At one of their parents homes, or you’re lucky enough that you have a girlfriend on HUD section 8 , you wake up one day and realize you should have left when the plant closed but now your old with a criminal record, No job skills,, and no one wants to help an over 40 male strung out. You find yourself telling the kids that this town was once a great place to live.. But now your stuck! You become depressed and instead of praying for help, you pray for God to take you instead. You now realize why all your friends killed themselves, You now feel like you wasted your life you had such big plans what happened to me how did it get this bad, now winter is coming and i’m getting kicked out on the street again, my option are stay in a shelter or get locked up. As you get older things just keep getting worse inside your head , so you push the plunger in and drift off into that drug induced coma,, This takes you out of your reality for a while. Then suddenly” dam i’m awake again ! hury push the plunger in again and again.. Until one day ! Hey did you hear about that old ass dude ! you remember the guy who grew up here always telling us how great it was here ! ya ya that him , He “OD” yea! he dead man ! Why would someone be like him? how you think Dat happens? man! Hey we getting out of here ! For real my mom said they are opening a new plant down south and it pays good money, My mom said they are building houses because they expect a lot of workers , its going to be its own town, For real ? yea for real!! The company is called AOL, the place is Called Ashburn , I sure hope it last longer than that auto plant did hear ? I know right! , And the circle begins again and again, Places open and close it affects everyone, I have seen this I lived it I often visit my old home where for me it was the GE plant , I remember my father fighting with my mom over what are we going to do , at least he didn’t shoot her in the head with a shotgun and turn it on himself like my friend mike’s dad did when the plant closed and they lost it all ! Like i said same old story , there were people doing the same study then that they are doing now . poverty always brings despair, and drugs will always be there to drown out the despair and hopelessness . I have learned that people take the easy road if given a choice. they want to skate by. Food stamps Section 8 and is what they want and they love to cry and complain and blame but at the end of the day, if all they had to do is watch TV they are happy, I have offered to help so many people get out of poverty if they just meet me half way , but that’s when the accusesses come hundreds, some become mentally ill from drug use and are lost some become addicted because of their environment and if they don’t become mentally ill from the drug use they can be helped. simply by taking them out of that environment but only when they ask for help and not before , some will do drugs because everyone they know does so they want to fit in so they use ! The ones that die from drug overdoses want to OD they love the attention others only need one OD to shake them and they quit but the ones who die give up they want to go into that coma to escape their world and they really want help but can’t stop because of the attention it brings them and they need that but unfortunately it kills them before they get both, there are a few that want to die because of the life they live and how tired they are of it , so sick and tired of being sick and tired they OD ,you cant blame anyone they just gave up and you me or anyone else were not stopping them this disease can and will cause you great pain and suffering and can only save yourself if your lucky enough to do just that, thank you for listening , Written By Ed B ,


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